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FaceNeuroVision Facial

Recognition Solutions

What we do

FaceNeuroVision is a leader in video analytics for face recognition. We create products to increase security levels, make business processes more efficient, have control over personnel and to perform marketing campaigns and personalised communication with customers.

  • >11

    years in the IT industry
  • 99,4 %

    identification accuracy
  • <1 s

    is enough to detect
    a guest or employee
  • 100+

    installations world-wide

Our unique technology

FaceNeuroVision highlights faces, creates neural-network samples of faces and compares them with samples stored in a database.

This algorithm provides a high precision face recognition process and has proved his superiority in various tests and many implemented projects.

FaceNeuroVision solutions for governmental and commercial applications

Public security

· Detect and identify targeted people in real time
· Organise access control
· Prevent fraud


· Increase security levels in administrative or industrial areas
· Perform access management
· Do presence control of work areas, implement time and attendance and minimise the risk of compromised RFID cards


· Identify your customers before they enter shopping areas
· Improve quality of service and increase sales
· Minimise fraud cases at point of sale
· Set up target advertising campaigns


· Identify customers in bank branches and ATMs
· Speed up the decision making processes for credit and other operations
· Use secure mobile banking
· Have control over employees


· Speed up passenger security checks
· Analyse passenger flows
· Organise employee access to isolated areas of train stations, airports, seaports


· Identify VIP guests
· Prevent fraud
· Manage employee access and take control over their work time

System integration

· Develop your business with RecoAcc: increase your income by integrating RecoAcc into your customers’ projects

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