ETW-01 Interface Module for access control systems

This device is designed for transmitting person identifiers obtained over the network to any access control system controllers that support the Wiegand-26 wired interface.

ETW-01 Interface Module

It helps facilitate fast integrations of the FaceNeuroVision facial recognition system with access control systems from the majority of manufacturers.

It has an open application programming interface (API), which allows it to be used for integrations not only with FaceNeuroVision but also with any other software.

Number of connectable Wiegand channels:
2 channels

Types of transmitted information:
binary, decimal, hexadecimal

Interfaces: 1x LAN, 2x Wiegand-26 (Out)

Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C

Dimensions: W: 90.0 mm x D: 60.0 mm x H: 17.0 mm

Weight: 75 g

Power supply: DC 12V
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